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Advanced Technology Engineered Coil Processing Systems

Braner/Loopco is an internationally recognized specialist in the design and construction of ultra-precision high-performance flat rolled coil processing and automated coil handling systems. With a history of innovation that originated in 1956, Braner/Loopco has earned a reputation for supplying bullet-proof reliable state-of-the-art ferrous and non-ferrous Coil Slitting Systems, Cut-to-Length/Blanking Systems, Precision Roller Levelers, Precision Stretch Levelers, Automated Slit Coil Packaging Systems, Oscillate Coil Systems, Strip Rolling Systems, and purpose-built engineered flat rolled strip processing equipment and systems.

Approximately 1,000 worldwide Braner/Loopco coil systems efficiently produce exceptional quality ferrous and non-ferrous flat rolled coil products in 25-countries. Coil processing capacities range from 0.003” (0.08mm) gauge 0-temper aluminum fin stock coil to 0.750” (19.0mm) gauge high-strength hot-rolled OCTG carbon steel coil. Coil weight capacities range to 45-tons with coil widths that range to 120” (3048mm). Braner/Loopco coil systems process carbon steel, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless, electrical steels, lead, clad bi-metal, special non-metallic strip, and super alloy coil to precise width, length, and gauge tolerances.

Braner/Loopco’s core strength is the experience, know-how, and dedication to performance, product quality, production efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Braner/Loopco engineers, designers, technicians, and trade craftsmen with decades of experience and an obsessive focus on ultimate satisfaction of Braner/Loopco equipment users, coordinate and collaborate to craft the world’s finest coil processing systems.

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